Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarm installations

Installation of a fire detection system is of upmost importance in commercial and industrial buildings with automatic monitoring and fire detection giving unparalleled protection with all systems complying to BS 5389.

In domestic properties interlinked smoke alarms with battery back-up, usually now 10 year lithium batteries that are incredibly effective and provide an early warning which has been proved to give you and your family more time to escape in the event of a fire.

Emergency Lighting

With health & safety inspectors now making regular visits to commercial and industrial buildings ensuring that compliance with BS5266-1 is adhered. The legal requirement is that - “Emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in case the lighting fails”. The law is explained and the rules for compliance are given in a joint Home Office and Health & Safety Executive document.

Emergency lighting and smoke alarms

Earth Bonding

Earth Bonding is a fundamental feature of any electrical installation as this gives protection against electric shock from any simultaneous exposed conductive parts within the building. Without it a potential to earth between two simultaneous exposed parts can be different and pose a shock hazard which could be lethal. Earthing also takes any fault current to ground, disturbs the power to that circuit tripping the fuse.

Earth bonding is the unseen protector a must in all electrical installations.

Download Earth Bonding info

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