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We now offer fully installed Solar PV systems to help power your home or business. With energy prices literally through the roof and not looking likely to drop any time soon now is the time to create your own energy, saving money, a lot of money.

Solar PV Installation

You can now also have a battery bank system coupled to your Solar PV system either into your new installation or retrofitted into your existing system to help power your home during low light and evening times. It mostly depends on what size your PV system is and size of the batteries, the bigger the better. with enough roof area, or ground area a PV system is usually now oversized to maximise on the full benefit of the sun, in the past this was not an option due to technicalities on the National grids side which has now changed for the better. With Commercial installations there is no real limit. Clever management and set-up enables a system to store energy in the day, possibly top up batteries in the night at cheap rate (off-peak tariff) to use in the day. Either way reducing your import of energy therefore cheaper bills.

We are not Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registered this time and do not plan to be any time soon, there is no requirement for any solar PV installer to be MCS registered, this is a myth and only needed to get paid via export of excess power back to your energy company which can vary, typically 2-4 pence per KW/h.


With a well designed Solar PV system with battery storage the plan is to export as little a possible, use all available power either in real time or from the stored power through batteries or diverted to water heating with excess generation. Even with out batteries you can expect to be paid from exporting excess power no more than £100 per year and this is a generous figure. 

We have been MCS registered twice in the past when the Feed-in Tariff was applicable where the grant process stated MCS accreditation was mandatory but not the case now. 


We plan a Solar PV system to last 25 years, all solar modules have a 25 year degradation performance guarantee and 15 year product warranty and will likely last many years longer. The Inverters which converts DC power generated on the roof to usable AC power to your home can have a life of around 10-15 years on well designed and installed system so would need to be replaced at least once during the 25 year period. Our estimates and financial projections take this into account eliminating any costly expenses years ahead.

On roof solar PV installation

On roof installations, in-roof, flat roof, commercial buildings, ground mounted and pole mounted are all possible ways to install your system. The majority of equipment as in inverters and batteries can even be situated externally if needed. We do all the paperwork for you, We notify the District Network Operator (DNO) of your system on their network after commission if under 3.68KWp per phase or apply for connection if above 3.68KWp which seems to be more common now due to the way systems are designed with energy storage. 

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Our Promise

We offer free surveys and estimates for Solar PV plus batteries, using professional design software we are able to estimate annual generation, usage from the grid, usage covered by storage and payback times. We provide on most presentations an actual roof view with a  proposed image of the system to get a realistic image of what to expect from a visual point. All our installs are covered by an insurance backed 10 year workmanship guarantee just like MCS holders, we have a professional structural roof survey to ascertain the roof area is suitable for additional load;. All our past and future installations are of the highest standard, we currently do not sub-contract work to any other installers unlike many larger national firms, we have been in business for over 17 years and do not intend to leaving any time soon, again un-like many national competitors who pop-up and ditch without trace a few years later (look at the last Solar boom, I am sure you have heard many horror stories). 

Solar PV installation

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Projected Image of installation

Projected solar PV installation


Actual finished project

finished project


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Simulation results


Project overview

finished project


Financial analysis

financial analysis


Example presentation

Example presentation


Originally booked with a national company but after many upsets, called Anthony who talked through all the options and gave a realistic timeframe. The install was top-notch including organising the scaffolding, professional and keen attention to detail. Great service, would not consider anyone else.


Anthony has been doing work for my family for 15+ years now and honestly is one of the most trustworthy and reliable guys out there. He is always friendly, super responsive and work is always spot on.

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